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A One-of-a-Kind Presentation Jam-Packed with New Trends and Innovative Ideas to Motivate Your Students While You Have Fun!

Christy Lane’s Dare To Dance Workshops and In-Services are for teachers of public and private schools, recreation departments, private studios and special groups who want to include music and dance into their curriculum or enhance current classes.

Dances learned can include multicultural, hip-hop, swing, latin, square, line, jazz, ballroom and/or any of the social dances today.

A day with Christy will educate, support, and inspire you as you are introduced to the most current trends in dance and music in a motivating participation session. Her personal style of teaching has a proven success rate throughout the country.

Be as hip as your students, play music your students can relate to and break through those hard-to-reach students.

You will learn proper progressions of current dances as well as ideas for class formats, variations for different ages and ability levels, current and popular music selections, advice on sound systems and successful teaching methods. Christy is an expert in her ability to instruct beginners and hold the interest of advanced dancers while keeping everyone moving and happy.

You don’t have to be a great dancer to teach dance, however, this is an opportunity for you personally to develop your own rhythm and style while having a great workout.


Since dance is becoming increasingly popular in schools and is a requirement in many states, Christy will create a workshop to match your state’s standards needs. Christy’s workshops can help you meet the national standards for dance education and match your needs from elementary school to middle school, to high school or adults.

One workshop will convince you what an integral part dance plays in our physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

Let Christy personally come to your hometown! Christy conducts either hourly (2 hour minimum), half day or full day workshops. This is an indoor event with a one-hour setup time. An elevated stage is required for 50 or more participants. Attendance can range up to 400 per workshop. Christy’s dance instructional products will be available for sale on-site.

We recommend that you schedule a workshop at least three months in advance. Cost for the workshop is $250 per hour or $1000 for full day (up to six hours) plus travel expenses outside of the Southern California area.


Please fill out the application form and mail/fax today!

Read what others said about Christy’s Workshop in Santa Clara, CA:“I teach 2 periods of dance at my high school and I’m always looking for more of the latest. This was excellent!”“I had not had a chance to attend one of Christy’s workshops before and I’m so glad I finally did. Now I want to teach dance all year!”“Completely met my expectations. I received some great ideas, especially how to begin a dance unit. Thanks!”“Many new steps for warm ups and getting kids excited.”“I’ve taken classes with Christy before and know she’s a quality teacher.”“Great energy! Lots to take home!”“I always know what to expect from Christy – she’s never let me down. This time we got what we expected and more!”

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