This is a one-of-a-kind presentation jam-packed with new trends and innovative ideas to motivate your students while you are having fun!

Christy Lane’s Dare to Dance Teacher Workshops & Inservices are for teachers of public and private schools, recreation departments, private studios and special groups who want to include music and dance into their curriculum or enhance their current classes.

Customized for your needs, this workshop can include dances such as multicultural, hip-hop, swing, Latin, square, line dancing, jazz, ballroom and/or any of the social dances today. You will learn proper progressions of current dances as well as ideas for class formats, variations for different ages and ability levels, current and popular music selections, advice on sound systems and successful teaching methods. Christy is an expert in her ability to instruct beginners and hold the interest of advanced dancers while keeping everyone moving and happy. Click here for Christy’s resume.

You do not have to be a great skilled dancer to teach dance, however, this is an opportunity to personally develop your own rhythm and style in a fun environment!

Christy conducts either hourly, half day or full day workshops. An elevated stage is required for 50 or more participants. Attendance can range up to 400 per workshop. We require a one hour set up time, 2 tables and 2 chairs.
We recommend that you schedule at least three months in advance. Cost of the workshop is $250 per hour or $1000 for a full day (up to 6 hours) plus travel expenses outside the southern California area. This includes instruction, sound system and microphone. Christy Lane’s instructional DVD’s, music CD’s and books are available on-site for sale upon request. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to confirm the date and then send you an Agreement for confirmation.

Be as hip as your students, play music your students can relate to and break through those hard-to-reach students! Listen to what teachers are saying:

Thank you for a fantastic workshop in San Francisco! The teachers were inspired and exhausted by the end of the day. They really learned a lot and you made them, and me, feel so comfortable with dance. What an important lifelong skill that our students are going to learn.
I gave the teachers a feedback form at the end of the day and all of it was so positive.
“Loved it!” ” I wish I had Christy’s energy!” ” It was great, presenter was fabulous!” ” Fantastic! ” ” Don’t change a thing!”

Here are some of the responses to the question, “What was most useful?”;
“The variety of dances and how to make it fun and relatable to the kids.” ” Dancing as we learned.” “The break down for beginners to advanced.” ” The resources.” ” The quality of instruction and the energy of the instructor” ” All of it really, AWESOME!”

It was a most memorable day, thank you for inspiring a district to dance!

Kristen DeAndreis, San Francisco Unified School District

Christy, any time I get to spend in staff development with you is always worth my time and valuable to me. It was Katie’s first experience in a staff development with you and she loved it.

Roberta Poorman, Elementary Health/PE Specialist


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