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Here is a partial list of schools that have experienced the popular Dare to Dance program! These schools were logged with city, state, contact person, event date and are available upon request.

Colleges, universities and organizations are available at

Adams Elementary
Ainsworth Elementary
Alderwood Middle School
Alimacani Elementary
Ames Visual & Performing Arts School
Anderson Elementary
Anza Elementary
Anza School
Aqua Caliente School
Arroyo School
Astor Elementary
Astoria Elementary
Astoria Middle School
Aumsville Elementary
Aviara Oaks
Bailey Elementary
Balboa Elementary
Baldwin Stocker School
Ballwin Elementary
Bancroft Middle School
Banks Elementary
Banyan Elementary
Barker Elementary
Bartlett Elementary
Bartlett Middle School
Bayview Elementary
Bear Creek Middle School
Bear Gulch Elementary
Beard Elementary
Beaumont High School
Bella Vista Elementary
Benita High School
Bensley Elementary
Benson Hill Elementary
Bethany Elementary
Betsy Rhodes Elementary
Beverly Elementary
Bibb County Public Schools
Bicentennial South Elementary
Biewlands Elementary
Birney Elementary
Black Hawk Elementary
Blue Ridge Elementary
Blue Ridge Middle School
Bonsall Elementary
Brentwood Elementary
Bret Harte Middle School
Briarcliff Elementary
Brier Elementary
Brier Terrance Middle School
Brookhurst Jr. High
Brooks Elementary
Brownie Troops Thousand Oaks
Buchannon Elementary
Bud Carson Middle School
Burton Elementary
Burton Middle School
Butternut Creek School
Cabrillo Elementary
Caldwell Middle School
Calimesa Elementary
Campbell Hill Elementary
Canyon Rim Elementary
Carlyle Elementary
Carpenteria Middle School
Carpenter Elementary
Carver Elementary
Cass Elementary
Cedar Creek Elementary
Cedar Park Middle School
Cedar Valley Elementary
Cedarhurst Elementary
Center Jr. High School
Central Elementary
Cerritos Elementary
Cerro Villa Middle School
Chain Lake Elementary
Challenger School
Challenger School of Sports/Fitness
Chaplin Elementary School
Charles Hoffman Elementary
Chautauqua Elementary
Chavez Elementary
Cheney Elementary
Cheney Middle School
Cherrylyn Elementary
Chesterfield County Schools
Chief Sealth High School
Chinook Middle School
Clayton Elementary
Clement Middle School
Clover Hill Elementary
Clyde Cox Elementary
Commerce Elementary
Connell Elementary
Country Springs Elementary
Covenant United Methodist Church
Coverdell Elementary
Cozine Elementary
Creech Rd Elementary
Crescent Elementary
Crestmore Elementary
Crestview Elementary
Crestview Middle School
Christine Swan Elementary
Cypress Elementary
Cypress School
Daffodil Valley Elementary
Dana Middle School
Daniel Elementary
Davis Education Center
Davis Elementary
Dean Allen Elementary
Deerfield Elementary
Deer Lakes High School
Deerpath Junior High
Del Cerro Elementary
Del Lago Elementary
Denny Middle School
Deportola Elementary
Dickerson Elementary
Doris Hancock Elementary
Donald Graham Elementary
Douglass Elementary
Draper Elementary
Earl Wooster High School
East High Elementary
Eastwood Elementary
Ebenezer Elementary
Echo Glen Children’s Center
Ed Marshall Elementary
Edmonds Elementary
Ellisville Elementary
Einstein Middle School
El Descanso Elementary
Eloy Junior High
Emblem Elementary
Emily Dickinson Elementary
Enumclaw Jr. High
Estacada Grade School
Eucalyptus Elementary
Eureka Elementary
Eureka High School
Evalee Elementary
Excelsior Elementary
Fairmont Private School
Farmwell Station Middle School
Fernwood Elementary
Fairmont Private School
Finch Elementary
Findley Oaks Elementary
Florida City Elementary
Foothills Middle School
Forbes Avenue Elementary
Ford Middle School
Forest Hills Cultural Arts Center
Forest Ridge School
Fort Irwin Middle School
Franconia Elementary
Frank Intermediate School
Frank Wagner Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Frederickson Elementary
Fremont Elementary
Fremont High School
Fremont Intermediate School
Fulton Middle school
Fuquay-Varina Elementary
Gallatin Elementary
Garden Place Academy
Garden Park Elementary
Garden Road Elementary
Garrison Middle School
Gates Elementary
Gentry Middle School
Georgetown Elementary
Gilbert Magnet Charter School
Girl Scouts Los Alamitos
Girl Scouts of Castiaic
Girl Scouts of Inland Empire
Girl Scouts Joshua Tree Council
Girl Scouts King Harbor
Girl Scouts of Tres Condados
Girl Scouts Sagebrush Service
Givens Community Center
Gleanfair Elementary
Glen Avon School
Glen Oaks Elementary
Glencoe Elementary
Glover Junior High
Gold Ridge Elementary
Grandview Elementary
Grangewood Elementary
Granite Bay High School
Grant School
Gray Elementary
Green Park Elementary
Greenacres Junior High
Greenwich High School
Gregory Heights Elementary
Guy Elementary
Hahaione Elementary
Hansen Elementary
Harper Park Middle School
Harris Middle School
Hartley Elementary
Hazard Elementary
Hazel Valley Elementary
Hazelwood Central High School
Hearthwood Elementary
Hendrick Ranch Elementary
Herricks High School
Hidden Acres School
Highlands Elementary
Hillsborough School
Hillside Elementary
Hillview School
Hoffman Elementary
Holden Elementary
Holder Elementary
Hollywood Central Elementary
Holmes Elementary
Houghtailing Elementary
Howard Elementary
Idaho Dance Sport Academy
Idyllwild Elementary
Imperial Elementary
Imperial Middle School
Indian Trail Elementary
Island Park School
Jacobs Road Elementary
Jacobson Elementary
James Workman Middle School
Jamul School
Jefferson High School
Joella Good School
John Jones Elementary
John Adams Elementary
John F Kennedy High School
John Muir Middle School
John Otis Elementary
John Paul Jones Elementary
John Weldon Elementary
Johnson Elementary
Joliet Public Schools
Juan Cabrillo Elementary
Juanita Elementary
Judson Middle School
Kaneohe Elementary
Katherine Burke School
Katherine Finchy School
Kehrs Mill Elementary
Keister Elementary
Keith Elementary
Kennedy High School
Kent Middle School
Key Peninsula Middle School
Kimberly Elementary
Kingsbury Elementary
Kona-Benton Elementary
Klien Elementary
Knightsdale Elementary
Kopachuck Middle School
Krystal School
La Conner Elementary
La Rosa Elementary
Ladera Palma School
Lafayette Elementary
Lake Center Middle School
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview Jr. High
Landau Elementary
Landell Elementary
LaQuinta Middle School
Larchmont Elementary
Larkspur Middle School
Lauren Middle School
Lawndale Elementary
Lawton Elementary
LBJ High School
Leaksville Elementary
Lee Antonello School
Leland High School
Leo Carillo Elementary
Lewis and Clark Elementary
Lincoln Middle School
Lindbergh Elementary
Linwood Elementary
Locke High School
Locust Elementary
Loma Vista Elementary
Loon Lake Elementary
Los Coyotes School
Ludington High School
Lynwood Elementary
Macario Garcia Middle School
Macliado Elementary
Maddox Elementary
Madeira School
Madison Elementary
Malsby Elementary
Malta Grade School
Maltby Elementary
Mango Elementary
Manzanita Elementary
Margaret Scott Elementary
Majorie Veeh Elementary
Marquette Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Martha King Elementary
Mary B Lewis Elementary
Maryland Elementary
McAuliffe Elementary
McDonald Elementary
McFarland Jr. High
McKinley Elementary
McKnight Middle School
McMurray Intermediate School
McNeil Canyon Elementary
Meadow Green Elementary
Meadow View Elementary
Meany Middle School
Menifee Valley Middle School
Merced Elementary
Meridian Park School
Mesa Elementary
Mesa Grande Elementary
Middletown Elementary
Millbrook Elementary
Miller Early Childhood Center
Mio Sable School
Mira Loma High School
Mirian Prairie Elementary
Mission Bell Elementary
MJ Christensen Elementary
Mohawk Valley School
Monta Vista High School
Monte Vista School
Mt. Anthony Union High School
Mt. Pointe High School
Mt. Vernon High School
Murdock Elementary
Murphy Ranch Elementary
Nankin Mills Elementary
National City Middle School
Nativity School
Neely O’Brien School
Neil Matheson School
Newberry Springs Elementary
Newport Elementary
North Hill Elementary
Northern Garville Middle School
Northridge Elementary
Northside Elementary
Northwestern Elementary
Northwestern Middle School
Northwestern High School
Northwood Jr. High
Northwoods Elementary
Norwin High School
Novi Meadows School
Nueva School
Oak Grove Elementary
Oak Heights Elementary
Oak Hills Elementary
Oak Mesa Elementary
Oak Street Middle School
OB Gates Elementary
OKA Elementary
Old River School
Olga Reed Elementary
Olympic View Middle School
O’Neil Elementary
Orem Jr. High
Otis Elementary
Our Lady of Grace School
Pace Avenue Elementary
Pacific Elementary
Pacific Middle School
Palm Desert High School
Palos Verdes Intermediate School
Parkview Elementary
Pat Butler School
Peachland Elementary
Pedley Elementary
Penn Middle School
Pennekamp Elementary
Peralta Elementary
Peters Elementary
Phantom Lake Elementary
Picnic Point Elementary
Pine Hill Elementary
Pine Valley Elementary
Pioneer Elementary
Pioneer Middle School
Pleasant Lake Elementary
Prairie Vista Middle school
Promenade Elementary
Prospect Hill Elementary
Pullman Elementary
R.H. Dana Elementary
Railroad Canyon School
Ramona Alessandro Elementary
Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary
Rancho Verde School
Rancho Vista Elementary
Rarenel Elementary
Redwood Middle School
Reedley High School
Reese Road Elementary School
Reidsville Intermediate School
Reno High School
Renton Park Elementary
Rhode Elementary School
Ridgeview Elementary
Rio San Gabriel School
Rio Hondo School
Rio Vista Elementary
Riviera Elementary
Robert Cawthon School
Robert Piles Elementary
Rockwood Middle School
Rockwood Summit High school
Roger Williams Middle School
Rannow Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Middle School
Rorimer Elementary
Rose Hill Elementary
Rosita Elementary
Ross School
Round Meadow Elementary
Royal Oaks Elementary
Running Springs Elementary
Ruth Grimes Elementary
Sacred Heart School
Saint Anthony School
Salem Wood Elementary
Salk Junior High School
Salter School
Sam Case Elementary
San Joaquin Elementary
San Joaquin School
San Miguel School
San Pasquel Elementary
Sandpiper Elementary
Sanislo Elementary
Santiago Charter Middle School
Santiago Elementary
Scheh Elementary
Schmitz Park Elementary
School of Discovery
Schwarzkopf Elementary
Sciole Elementary
Seabeck Elementary
Seahurst Elementary
Selma Middle School
Sharewood Elementary
Sherman Oaks C.E.S.
Shivela Middle School
Sieraa Heights Elementary
Sierra Vista Elementary
Silver Lake Elementary
Silver Star Elementary
Simmons Elementary
Soda Creek Elementary
Somerset Middle School
South Columbus Elementary
South Elementary
South Hill Elementary
Southern Heights Elementary
Southside Elementary
Spencer Williams Elementary
Spotswood Elementary
Spring Valley Elementary
St. Bernadette School
St. Johns School
St. Perpetua School
St. Al’s School
St. George’s School
St. Joseph High School
St. Mary’s High School
Stanford Elementary
Steamboat Springs Middle School
Stevenson Elementary
Stewart Elementary
Stockard Coffee Elementary
Strawberry Park Elementary
Sullivan Middle School
Sulphur Springs Elementary
Sunnyside School
Sunset Elementary
Sunset Hills Elementary
Sussex Central Middle School
Tabb Elementary
Ted Porter School
Temecula Middle School
Terra Bella Elementary
The Kings Academy
Thomas Paine Elementary
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Thomas Russell Middle School
Topaz Elementary
Toyon Middle School
Tumbleweed Elementary
Tuscany Hills Elementary
Twila Reid Elementary
Vaca Pena Middle School
Valley Crossing Elementary
Valley Horizon Elementary
Valley Schools
Valley View Elementary
Vance Elementary
Vandera Springs Elementary
Ventura Elementary
Vessels Elementary
Victor Elementary
View Ridge Elementary
Village Oaks Elementary
Vintage Hills Elementary
Vista Campana School
Vista Performing Arts
Virgin Valley Elementary
Waldport Elementary
Waldport High School
Walled Lake Elementary
Walnut Ave Elementary
Walnut Elementary
Walt Disney School
Walter Johnson High School
Ward Elementary
Washington Elementary
Washington School
Waterman Elementary
Weimar Hills School
West End Elementary
West Putnam School
West Randall Elementary
West Riverside School
Westfield Elementary
Westlake Elementary
Westside Park Elementary
Whitcomb Elementary
Whitehill Middle School
Whitman Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Wilhelm Elementary
Willard School
William Brooks Elementary
William H. Frazier Elementary
Williams Elementary
Willow Glen Elementary
Willow Glen Middle School
Wittman Elementary
Woodbury Elementary
Woodland Middle School
Woodridge Elementary
Woodway Elementary
Wootton High School
Workman Elementary
Wrightwood Elementary
Yaquina View Elementary
Yermo Elementary
Zeeland Middle School
Zieger Elementary