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What Schools Say About Christy Lane Assemblies!

“Dear Christy,

As I shared with you the other day, after you’d finished our assembly, I was completely and totally impressed!  I’ve been a teacher for 14 year, and I’ve attended probably more than 150 assemblies, and your assembly was by FAR the BEST one I’ve ever been to.  The level of engagement between the kids, the teachers and you, was high.  I’ve never seen my students have so much fun!! They were excited and they didn’t want it to end.  (Nor did I!)  You have a gift for making dance accessible to everyone! I hope to see you back at our school very soon!

As it happens, I’ve got a son in 8th grade who wants to learn to dance so he can feel comfortable at school dances going forward through high school.  I was a dancer at his age, but he hasn’t shown a lot of aptitude for the art.  Could you please tell me which DVD would be the best place for him to start??  (I’m gonna do it with him!)  Thanks so much!”

  • Noelle Dickenson, Peters 4-6 Elementary, Garden Grove, CA

“  Hi Christy,

I’m a teacher at Anderson School in Lawndale, CA and we had an assembly with you today. I just wanted to say thank you! It was awesome! My students absolutely loved it….even those who said “I’m not dancing!” All of them did and it was so special to see all of them come together and participate with so much enthusiasm.  Kudos to you for being able to keep 200+ kids (and teachers) on track and involved.  I had such a great time and I got a work out too!  With the alarming increase in childhood obesity, work such as yours takes on an even deeper meaning.  I really hope to see you back next year and everyone I talked to onsite agrees with me.  All of us think that your program was one of the best assemblies we have ever been to and this is my eleventh year of assemblies at Anderson!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You did great and you made a whole school laugh, unite and have fun! How many people can say that??!”

  • Lisa Reitinger, Wm. Anderson Elementary School, Lawndale, CA

“You were wonderful!  The place was hopping, the kids were having a ball.  A lot of kids came out of their shells that day.  We want you back next year!”

  • Mary Lou Youngblood, Girls Sports X-Travaganza, Huntington Beach, CA

“The assembly you gave us was outstanding. The students, staff and parents haven’t stopped talking about it yet.  Some of the teachers comments were:  EXCELLENT! AWESOME!  TERRIFIC!! WHAT FUN!!  ENJOYED IT ASMUCH AS THE KIDS!!!   THE BEST, 4 STARS AND 2 THUMBS UP!!  IT WAS TERRIFIC AND WE WOULD LIKE TO DO IT AGAIN!

As you can see you were a hit, and I’ve been contacted by several other schools for your information. I hope you continue to do assemblies for a long time, our kids need more positive role models like you in their lives.  Once again, thank you so much for starting our school year off with a BANG!!”

  • Donna Hess, Sulpher Springs School, Canyon Country, CA

“Dear Christy,

Thank you for coming to Fairview elementary School to put on your assembly!  We had such a very good time.  We are even planning to have our own sock hop with our school community now!  You have inspired us make more opportunities to have fun moving to music together.  In P.E. I am encouraged to promote dance for a lifetime.  I couldn’t teach dance without your vides…..they are fabulous teaching tools.

Thanks for bringing smiles to our lives.”

  • Linda Ferris, Fairview Elementary School

“It was a great assembly!  Several of my “couch potato” kids were very involved with lots of smiles!”

  • Gloria, Excelsior Elementary, Garden Grove, CA

“Christy,  Thank you so much for fitting us in to your busy schedule and coming to our school last month!  My teachers are STILL talking!  Your assembly was so uplifting and positive.  It was a GREAT way to clear our minds, get our positive thoughts and energy flowing, and prepare for testing.  Your assembly was so incredible, I hate to brag to other schools for fear of not being able to fit into your schedule, but I have bragged!  We want to schedule you for next year around the same time…..  PLEASE, PLEASE put us on your calendar. We MUST have you back!  Both teachers and students said that your assembly was the BEST they ever had!  “

  • Kim Kroyer, Principal, Garden Grove Unified School District, Excelsior Elementary

“…THANK YOU so MUCH for coordinating today’s assembly. I heard such great comments! We NEED more of this!  Perhaps we can plan at least 4 of this type a year for next school year!  GREAT job!”

  • Patricia Martinez-Orozco, Principal, Fairview Elementary School

“Dear Christy,

Just a note to let you know what an IMPACT you had on Coverdell.  One mother came to me and said her son, who had frowned at the thought of dancing, talked to her for an hour after your presentation about how GREATY it was.

It is plain to see that your dance workshop was a terrific choice.  Your enthusiasm really gave us a lift and an inspiration, and frankly, Coverdell has plenty of both.

Thank you Christy for going out of your way to bring us a day to remember and incentive to work hard and achieve with a smile. “

  • Mike Kersey, principal, Coverdell School, St. Charles, MO

“Thank you for teaching those dances to me.  I like what you said because whenever I am sad, I can just close the door and dance and it will make me feel better.”

  • Jocelyn Galligan, Student, Glendale, AZ

“Thanks so much for teaching me to dance.  You see, I’ve never been too good and I was always afraid that people would laugh at me.  I really enjoyed it! You gave me confidence and now I know some neat dance steps.”

  • Annova Dickey, Student, Bolten Middle School

“Thank you for providing such an amazing assembly for our students last week! I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you making modifications to the show and dances when we realized the location wouldn’t be as optimal as I had planned.  I have received so many words of praise from our teachers and most importantly, our students. They all had a blast….and they all want you back!!  So until next time then…..”

  • Nicole Stark, Coyote Canyon PTO

“I wanted to write and personally thank you for the wonderful assembly your brought to Fremont Elementary! I heard nothing but great comments about your Dare to Dance Assembly from both children and adults.  One little boy told his teacher on the way out of the auditorium “This is the best day of my life!”  Your energy and enthusiasm for what you teach really caught on with the children.  My daughter came home and wanted me to put music on so she could practice some of the steps you taught.  I really appreciate the way in which you let the children enjoy the experience and still managed to keep them focused on what you had to share. Most of all, U just want you to know how overwhelmingly positive the teacher, student and parent responses were to the assembly.”

  • Katherine Wallace, PTA President, Fremont Elementary, Glendale, AZ

“I learned lot from the assembly.  Mostly what the dances were like in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and I LOVED the 2000 dance party. I loved the dance moves that Christy taught us.  I learned DON”T do drugs or to smoke because tobacco is wacko, dance is a stress reliever, and dance helps you stay fit and healthy.  I loved the assembly. Thanks a million!”

  • Jeff Lichter, Linwood, OR

“ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL PARTY!  FABULOUS DAT AT ST. JOHN’S.  We had the BEST day with you for our Last Day of School Party!  Give a BIG thank you to Tommy, too!  You guys are a great TEAM!”

  • Melissa Bonhall, St. John’s Episcopal School

“Friday night after your visit, Whitcomb’s Sock Hop was a huge success because so many kids were dancing.  A little 2nd grader, Brandon, told me how lucky I was that I got to touch you.  Two 5th grade girls told me to tell you to look for them when they graduate.  You touched my kid’s lives in a spirited, unique, and wonderful way.

Closing your sessions with positive feedback and with your promotion of academics, dance related careers and “clean” music was perfect for our students.  You were phenomenal Christy!  Thanks again.”

  • Debbie Schneider, Whitcomb Elementary, Milwaukee, OR

“Dear Christy,

Thank you for coming to Ladd Acres and putting on such a great show.  Our assistant principal was really impressed with how you changed your moves to fit the skill and age level during the 3 assemblies.  She also mentioned that she had felt stressed out but after participating in your first assembly, she felt relaxed.

One of our 4th grade teachers said it was the best assembly he had seen at Ladd Acres.”

  • Tim Kramer, Ladd Acres Elementary, OR

“Dear Ms Lane,

Your Assemblies today more than lived up to your lofty reputation.  You were raring to go and were all set up in plenty of time.  You filled our gym with excitement and fun leaving a legacy of positive feelings toward dance for everyone. What especially impressed us was the 100% participation – students and staff!  You found a way to include everyone.

Dancing through history is a brilliant way to get everybody moving without risk.  Most of the children could try those “bizarre new moves” like the Monkey, Jerk, Swim and not feel threatened to do the perfectly.  You clearly established the standard of trying the simple combinations and leading everyone to success.

Our staff was particularly pleased with your specific, relevant personal statements about the value of basic components of your education.  The attentive silence was testimony to your credibility as you cited the need for strong math skills while choreographing a football field full of people and for clear writing skills necessary to pull tighter a good manuscript.  OUTSTANDING EXAMPLES!  I look forward to future association.”

  • Karen Van Der Veer, Cultural Arts Chair


Thanks for coming to East Elementary!  You made a huge impression on each student and will be remembered for a long time!”

  • Susan Stidman, Omak, WA

“Dear Christy,

I watched how you inspired the children today as well as my own.”

  • Tricia Wohlers, Palmdale, CA

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