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Requires Electricity


Voted the #1 microphone for teachers! Unbeatable mic for great sound, clarity, staying on your head and saving on your battery life with the mute button.

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Enhance your listening and learning environment! Have enough power so when you talk, everyone listens! Reduce vocal strain and fatigue!

Hear it directly from Christy Lane:

I have used this microphone headset for years. I use to wear a professional drummer mic years ago because there were no dance instructor mics on the market.  Then this mic comes out  for dance, aerobic and physical education instructors that is unbeatable … I know … I tried them all! Not only is the sound quality great, but it is comfortable, practical, and more affordable than their previous mics! The headset mics is the best. I don’t recommend a lapel mic or handheld mic. I find the lapel mic too hard to work with since I am so busy bouncing around all the time. The handheld is hard for me to teach dance with because it limits the use of my hands when I am trying to demonstrate. I also almost knocked my front teeth out trying to demonstrate an underarm turn while I was teaching swing dancing! I really felt sorry for the DJ I clubbed in the head with the handheld mic while I was demonstrating dance moves with him! The headset has an adjustable strap to fit. Another added feature about these mics is that you do not get that awful feedback when walking close to your speakers that you can get with other less expensive mics … and you really have range to move around if you are teaching a big class! You have to check it out!

Headset Specs:

  • New and upgraded with excellent sound quality!
  • Comes complete with headset, transmitter, receiver, power supply, carry case and 1/4″ cable
  • Transmitter on headset keeps hands free
  • Includes a mute button to preserve batteries (requires AAA batteries)
  • Can change the channel so it doesn’t interfere with other FM frequencies
  • Adjustable headband
  • Plugs directly into your mixer or amplifier (you may need an XLR cable for this)
  • Includes a power cord
  • Three year warranty
  • The aerobic version mic has a plastic coating over the headset and is recommended for resistance against sweat.

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