Square Dancing Volume 2
(CD & eGuide)


(Music CD/Guide)

CD-Rom with Music and Guide. Ten rockin’ new songs!


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Wow, Volume 2 really rocks with our popular Country Kickin’ song along with some disco and some more techno. This is a CD-Rom which contains both the music and guide on the disc. Just put it into your sound system to play the music, and then put it into your computer to print the guide! This 10 song CD includes the vocal versions for you to follow and the instrumental versions for you to mix and match the calls. Includes Country Kickin’, Doadisco, Techno Jam, Spring Break and Soul Man.

Track Listing:

Click the arrow next to a song title to listen to a sample.

  1. Country Kickin’ – With Cues 1:26
  2. Country Kickin’ – Instrumental 6:56
  3. Dosadisco – With Cues 1:35
  4. Dosadisco – Instrumental 7:49
  5. Techno Jam – With Cues 1:08
  6. Techno Jam – Instrumental 7:55
  7. Spring Break – With Cues 3:49
  8. Spring Break- Instrumental 7:18
  9. Soul Man – With Cues 3:58
  10. Soul Man – Instrumental 3:51