Social Dance 3rd Edition


This third edition of Social Dance: Steps to Success will teach you all the moves for 10 of today’s most popular dance styles:

Four-count swing
Six-count swing and hustle
Salsa and mambo

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Feel confident on the dance floor—step by step!

The first few learning steps in this book introduce you to the foundational skills and concepts you need for success on the dance floor.

Each step you take is a smooth transition from the previous one. As you progress, you learn not only how your posture and footwork affect your balance but also how to connect your footwork with the music, adjust to a partner, make the transition between partner positions, and create sequences from variations of each dance’s specific rhythmic step pattern.

Each of the steps also explains why the concept or skill is important, indentifies the keys to correcting technique, helps you avoid common errors, and provides drills to practice at your own pace. The later steps show how to demonstrate dance etiquette, including how to adapt to a crowded social dance floor. Best of all, the enclosed DVD provides you with 93 minutes of video demonstration and a music soundtrack with 19 tracks for practice and demonstrations of key movements, footwork, and the dances themselves.

Written by master teacher and dancer Judy Wright, this special book and DVD package is part of the best-selling Steps to Success activity series, with more than 2 million copies sold worldwide.