Dare to Dance Kit Music
(CD & Guide)


(3 CDs and Guide)


This Music/Guide Kit requires a floor alphabet with the letters A-P. Already have a foam or plastic alphabet floor? Or maybe you would just like to use chalk and write the alphabet letters outside! You can also use carpet tape, vinyl or poly spot and create the letters on the floor!  Then pop in the music CD and listen to the instructions on how to dance 8 different dance forms.  Using the letters A-P, the cues will tell you which letters to step on for solo and partner dancing! After you learn the dance, play the instrumental songs and practice without the mat and you are dancing!

(Click Arrow to Play Sample)

Disc #1 Includes:
1. Hip Hop Instructions
2. Hip Hop Music
3. Electric Slide Instructions
4. Electric Slide Music
5. Line Dancing Instructions
6. Line Dancing Music
7. Salsa Instructions
8. Salsa Music
Disc #2 Includes:
1. Cha-Cha Instructions
2. Cha-Cha Music
3. Swing Instructions
4. Swing Music
5. Waltz Instructions
6. Waltz Music
7. Break Dancing Instructions
8. Break Dancing Music
9. Workout Instructions
10. Workout Music


Disc #3 Includes:
The complete Guide. Put the CD in your computer and print the Guide.