Circuit Training & P.E. Stations
(CD & eGuide)


Workout to #1 one songs with music that stops and starts with coaching cues! Printable guide and wall signs included.

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Circuit training, also known as “Stations” by physical educators, is the biggest craze today because of the fun and variety it offers. A great way to keep fit, this CD and Guide was created by Christy Lane and Brett Kilka with years of teaching experience combined with recommendations from instructors around the U.S.

Included in this package is a program for kids, teens and adults as well as individual workouts and class workouts. THE MUSIC ROCKS! The #1 songs from popular sound tracks to Ricky Martin, J-Lo and Flo Rida at the perfect exercise beat will guarantee to get you moving!

Check out the music tracks with Coaching Cues!

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20-Minute Workout:
1.  Warm-Up (5 min.)
2.  Eight Station Workout (one minute on, 15 seconds off)
3.  Cool Down (5 min)

30-Minute Workout
4.  Warm-Up (5 min)
5.  Sixteen Station Workout (one minute on, 15 seconds off)
6.  Cool Down (5 min)

7.  Continuous Music Medley (20 min)

Also included is a printable illustrated GUIDE with over 125 pages! We even included Wall Signs for you to post!

Get moving! Order today!

Please note:  This is a CD-rom.  Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.




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(CD & eGuide)”