Animal Romp & Stomp (CD)


(Music CD)

Interactive Pre-K that teaches children about animals.

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Great interactive music for Pre-K. Each song features easy instructional lyrics that teach children about a variety of animals. They waddle like penguins, stomp like elephants, wiggle like fish, jump like kangaroos and rattle like snakes – all to some of kid’s favorite songs and lullabies.


Click the arrow next to a song title to listen to a sample.

  1. Intro
  2. Snake, Rattle & Roll
  3. Chicken Walk
  4. The Fish in the Sea
  5. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  6. Circus Dance
  7. Penguin Waddle
  8. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  9. Bunny Jump
  10. Sing a Song of Sizes
  11. Meerkat Conga
  12. Polar Bear Freeze
  13. Move Like an Animal
  14. A Horse, of Course
  15. Oh, When a Shark
  16. Osito, Osito (Brown Bear, Brown Bear)
  17. Kangaroos a Go-Go
  18. Animal Letter Rap
  19. Itsey Bitsey Spider **
  20. I’ve Got One Bug
  21. Act like You Are On a Farm, EIEIO
  22. Five Little Ducks
  23. El Coquito (The Little Tree Toad) **
  24. California Indian – Thank You Song

**Songs contain Spanish Words.