In one hour kids will learn dance steps that will enhance self esteem, social skills and coordination so they can look and feel good on any dance floor!

This highly interactive, one-of-a-kind library program will have everyone movin’ and groovin’ through time with all the favorite songs and popular dances from the 1950’s through today. How about a little swing dancing, twist, disco, robot, hip hop and a boot scootin’ boogie on your musical history tour? Participants learn through dancing!

A typical Dare to Dance Library Program consists of 60 minutes of instruction but can be modified for Half Day, Full Day, or Weekly Programs.

Whether it is 5 or 400 library program participants, we can custom design the library program to fit the age and ability levels. We bring the dance instruction, a high quality sound system and music. You will only need to provide the space!

Here are some more things you will need to know:

1. Please allow plenty of room so each attendee has sufficient room to move (and good ventilation).
2. Please notify the library staff  that music will be playing during the program.
3. If over 75 participants, a small stage is required.
4. Please have a table and chair available.
5. Inform attendees to wear loose comfortable clothing unless this is a formal event.
6. Cost is $300 per hour. You will be required to sign an Agreement which will include our liability insurance.  There is no charge for mileage.
7. We can custom create any library program with different styles of dances.
8. Appropriate for ages 5 through adult. We offer age appropriate instruction and family programs as well.

It’s Entertaining! It’s Fun! It’s a Workout! Listen to what people are saying:

“Awesome!! Terrific!! What fun! Enjoyed it as much as the kids! The best! 4 stars and 2 thumbs up! It was terrific and we would like to do it again!”
– Donna Hess

“Watching your interaction with children and their response, warmed my heart and showed how gifted you are. You touched my kid’s lives in a spirited, unique, and wonderful way.”
-Debbie Schneider

“You today more than lived up to your lofty reputation. You were raring to go and were all set up in plenty of time. What especially impressed us was the 100% participation! You found a way to include everyone. Dancing through history is a brilliant way to get everybody moving without risk. You clearly established the standard of trying the simple combinations and leading everyone to success.”
-Karen Van Der Veer

“Just a note to let you know what an IMPACT you. One mother came to me and said her son, who had frowned at the thought of dancing, talked to her for an hour after your presentation about how GREAT it was. It is plain to see that Dare to Dance was a perfect choice. Thank you Christy for going out of your way to bring us a day to remember.”
-Mike Kersey

You are FABULOUS! Thank you for your great energy!
-Kim Likert


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