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Remember the good ol’days when Dance-a-thons were popular and people danced until they dropped? Away with the days of paying a DJ for hours and hours, worrying about liability (in case a dancer passes out) and trying to feed everyone.

Because now we have the DARE TO DANCE-A-THON! A popular and excellent way for schools, youth groups and adults to raise money for their teams and organizations!

It takes a special event to get 300-400 participants movin’ and groovin’ and that is what the DARE TO DANCE event does. In a safe (2 hour cap) and appropriate environment, students/attendees get a physical workout while learning fun dances to popular songs. It’s a great way to encourage community spirit. Parents have earned thousands of dollars for their school by booking the popular Dare to Dance Assembly.

Your students or attendees solicit pledges of financial support from friends, relatives and neighbors. (Supporters can donate per minute danced or make a flat donation). Then they participate in a fun Dare to Dance school assembly, DJ dance or event. After the event, students or attendees collect donations based on their pledges and their personal performance at the dance event.

It’s so easy! Fill out a Dare to Dance application form and book your date at a designated location. A confirmed contract will be sent to you. Pledge forms should be distributed about two weeks before the Dare to Dance-a-thon. (Pledge forms can be found online and designed with your logo). After the event, sponsors are politely notified of the amount of their pledges and the money is collected. That’s it! (Of course, a follow up thank you letter would be a nice gesture). Nice prizes are given to the students/attendees when their paid pledges reach certain thresholds. We offer dance DVD’s, CD’s and shirts at 75% discount as incentives!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for a Dare to Dance-a-thon!