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Christy has always felt dance is an art form and should be performed and shared, not always judged. She created a stage for you to share your performances with others in a positive environment for free! Let’s cheer on the beginners and applaud the experienced. It’s going to be a fun night!

We have a few rules to make it comfortable and respectful for everyone involved:

  1. There is no cost to perform or attend. However, you must be an attendee of the convention. If you are attending as a group, each group is allowed an entry per five participants. (For example, if there are 20 in your group, you are allowed 4 performances).
  2. All performances except for large groups will be limited to 3 minutes maximum. Large group maximum is 5 minutes.
  3. No gymnastics or tumbling on the stage as it will be dangerous. Please substitute other moves such as turns.
  4. No luggage or large items allowed in the ballrooms for safety reasons. All dance bags, etc. must fit under convention chairs in compliance with Fire Marshall Regulations
  5. Video recording devices and camera equipment prohibited at the convention.
  6. Wrist bands will be checked at the door. Parents and chaperones may attend without a wristband.
  7. Christy Lane Enterprises reserves the right to refuse admittance or to remove anyone who is disruptive, unruly or displays unacceptable behavior to be determined by the Performance Director. We hope
    you will support each other’s performance by applauding, not talking and not walking out during a performance.
  8. You must fill out and fax, mail or scan the Performance Form by midnight April 19, 2014 in order to guarantee your slot to perform. You will be given your performance order via email before the event.
  9. Music must be provided in the form of CD or MP3 disk only. No iPods accepted. Each performance song must be on a separate CD, please, no multiple tracks on a CD.
  10. Your music MUST be turned in at Registration along with a copy of your registration form. Please label CD with your name and phone number.
  11. You must be ready to go 10 minutes before your performance time or your timeslot will be forfeited.
  12. The performance will take place on a large stage with vinyl “tile” on the top.

Dare to Dance Performance Form

Saturday April 26, 2014, Performance time 5:00 p.m..

  • Or
  • Check here if Dancer(s) comes on stage and then music plays
  • Check here if music plays, then Dancer(s) come on stage

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