iPod, iPad, iPhone Wireless Remote


A wireless remote that controls your iPod, iPad, or iPhone from up to 100 ft away and through walls! Great for teachers, coaches, stage presenters, performers and anyone who needs to cue music.

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“In all the years I have been teaching, a wireless remote has been essential. Many of the remotes on the market are not dependable, but this one is! And the range is great!”   ~ Christy Lane

A wireless remote that controls your music from up to 100 ft away and teacher tested! Save yourself all the time and steps walking to your sound system to play or change songs on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad!  The 6 button remote allows you to enjoy your music or videos on your Apple device from across the room.  Great for teachers, stage presenters, performers and anyone who needs to cue music.  You can carry it in your pocket; wear it on the belt clip (included) or around your neck with a lanyard.

It’s so easy to use!  Plug the small dock connector into your iPod dock on your sound system.  (If your system does not have an iPod dock, then connect the enclosed audio cable from the dock connector to your sound system).   Walk away with the remote and you’re good to go!  The remote allows you to adjust Volume, Go Forward, Rewind, Play, Pause and Stop. Signals travel around corners and through walls.

Wirelessly control iPod from a backpack, glove box, purse or anywhere. Not only perfect for instructors, but also for people working out or on the go. A great feature is that it charges by itself when placed on a sound system iPod dock!

Additional features:

  • Water-resistant remote
  • Lifetime warranty on remote
  • FCC/CE approved
  • User friendly design
  • Lithium batteries (five year life span)
  • Recessed buttons to avoid accidental triggering when in pocket
  • Compatible with iPhone (All Gen), iTouch (All Gen), iPad, iPod Nano (All Gen), iPod Nano Video, iPod (Classic, Mini, 3G, 4G Photo/U2, 5G with video, 6G)

“Hi, Christy, I just wanted to tell you how crazy I am about the remote control I purchased from you at the Southwest District PE Conference this Summer! It has become my new best friend! I have a portable sound system I take to whatever area I am in and I don’t have to be right at the system to stop the music. I can be clear across the tennis courts and control my music easily! This is one of the best purchases I have made for my classes in a long time! AWESOME product!”
Lynn Preble
Department Chair
HJHS Physical Education

Please note:  The new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will require a Lightning Adapter 9 pin-30 pin which you can buy at your local Apple Store.

Do you want to use it like a watch on your wrist?  Check out the Motorola Sports Wrist Strap! Purchase just the adjustable band and velcro the remote onto it!

Coming soon!  An Android remote.  Sign up for our email list here.



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